Thursday, December 12, 2013

Alas Poor Mott

A couple of weeks ago, I was carrying a desktop computer and a canvas bag with a drive dock and tools, heading towards a client.  As I was stepping onto the driveway, I apparently forgot how to walk.  I did one of those slow-motion falls where I said to myself "this isn't right.  I think I can recover from this.  Nope."  And I fell to my right.  I was smart (or prescient) enough to have put the computer back in the original box and I was carrying it on my left side so it tipped and hit the pavement but the computer was fine.  The bag acquired some holes and my little tool kit (which can use replacing anyway) got damaged.

My hand also acquired holes in several places, as did my knee.  And jeans.  Nothing serious; mostly, it was superficial and abrasions.  I had to try to not bleed on the new computer while setting it up.

I had my opal ring on my right hand and I was pleased to see it survived.

The next day, I touched the ring and saw that I was wrong.  It has several scratches right near the opal.

I don't think it's fixable*.  And I really liked that ring.

* OK, it's probably fixable.  But the ring was quite inexpensive and not worth fixing.


  1. Meg, I gather you already know rings can be replaced. I hope you're alright.

  2. If after the fall you looked at the Opal ring and it looked fine to you and you only first noticed the scratches the next day I presume that to the untrained and non critical eye that these scratches may pass unnoticed. Even if they are noticed they will provide the opening introduction of a nice short story about your trip and fall and recovery.

    I am glad that you survived the fall. I find that as we age the possibility of taking a header increases. I nearly hit the ground twice in the past week...once for simply misjudging the curb that I was stepping over and once for not affording proper respect for some black ice in the parking lot after leaving work in the dark. Neither time was I wearing heels.

    Stay well.

  3. Hey, a scratch or two just adds a little character. We all have our scratches and dents, even Mott.


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