Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mommas Got A Brand New Bag

Dakine 8220-100, "Christin"
I bought a new handbag.  I wasn't planning on it, but I wanted something small that I could use for possible overnight getaways.  I went to Marshall's, knowing I could probably find a small suitcase there.  I did, but not one (a) small enough or (b) easy to carry.  I considered a backpack, but the last time I tried one I discovered that my rotator cuffs don't rotate as well as they should and it was hard to get on and off.  Plus, being from The Big City, I'm reluctant to have things that might contain valuables where I can't see them.

So I started looking at the handbags and found one that had a shoulder strap, probably long enough to put over my opposite shoulder (see Big City Paranoia).  It's shaped like a doctor's bag so it has room on the bottom.  I had concidered just using my tote, but the tote is tall and thin and doesn't seem to have as much room inside.  I didn't find it on the Dakine web site but they had similar bags for $55, which is what the tag said the "suggested retail" was.  Ebay had one for $48.

I put it over my shoulder to see how it feels as I looked at other bags.  A woman with a Jamaican accent deadpanned to me "nice purse."  Instead of saying what I should have ("yes, and I have the perfect outfit for it!") I said I was looking for a small overnight bag and I think I found it.  She nodded and moved on.  For the record, her delivery seemed more judgmental than friendly which is why I skipped the "outfit" crack.

Bonus: how to pack light:

Skip the girl stuff.  Girl clothes are lighter, but the accessories will kill your back.  Plus, I'd probably need a couple of choices for a second day, and maybe different shoes.

Girl dressing is always better, but sometimes not as practical.

By the way, the bag had a clearance tag and was $16.


  1. 16 dollars, good find girl!!! What a deal! great shopping..... Karen

  2. Nice bag and a great bargain we call a "hand bag" what you call a "purse", and I would call that bag a "holdall" not sure what you call what we call a "purse"

  3. ...separated by a common language, Paula. :)


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