Monday, December 16, 2013

More On Mott

Some readers mentioned that Mott, my opal ring, is just fine with some scratches.  It lends some character to the ring.

The scratches are more rough spots than scratches, the kind that will snag on, say, fabric if they come into contact.  Unless I can file or sand them down somehow (or find someone who can) I can't wear it.  I play with my rings/bracelets/whatever I'm wearing.  When I had long hair, long ago, I'd bite on the ends.

Normally, playing with my ring is a mindless activity while I'm doing whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing.  But the rough spots will distract me.

Music is a good analogue.  I can leave music on when I'm working and listen and do other things.  But if I have to focus on something, the music will just play and I won't have any idea as to how many songs or how long it's been playing.  If the music is exceptionally loud or soft or discordant (there should be a word "dischordant" just for lousy music), it'll distract and I can't work.

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  1. Try a glass nail file if you have one, I have used me secateurs sharpener, but that is a pretty esoteric bit of kit.


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