Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting an Earful

I guess I'm old.  I remember when guys could step WAY outside the box and get a single ear pierced.  One was purported to be the sign that you're gay; the other, that you're not.  I considered it so important that I don't remember which was which.

But none of you have a single ear pierced.

I wasn't considering getting just one ear pierced, but I was thinking it might be better to get ears pierced one at a time ~ wait for one to heal and then do the other one so it looks more "normal."  I guess that's normal to a child of the '60s.  My next poll originally had that choice but it won't.

Just over 40% of you have at least one piercing in both ears.

Personally, I'm not interested in multiple piercings, but 10% of you did that!  Cool.

Of the nearly 60% of my readers without pierced ears, about three-quarters of you plan to get them pierced(someday).  That's cool too.  Maybe I should run this poll again in a year!

So obviously I've been thinking about this.  What are the pluses and minuses, as I see them?

PLUS: there are a lot more choices when your ears are pierced.

MINUS: I REALLY REALLY hate needles and holes.  And here I'd have a hole I'd have to stick a pin into regularly.

MINUS: I find earrings on guys distracting.  I don't know why; I don't know if it's just me, but it draws my eyes away Every Time.

MINUS: Four to six week healing period when I have to wear studs constantly.  And I like to sleep on my side.

MINUS: (low probability) possible infection or other problem (holes don't line up, keep closing, etc.

MINUS: I don't want to explain to everyone why I decided to suddenly get my ears pierced.  Midlife crisis?  Yeah, if I'm gonna go until 120.  Freak accident?  Drunken dare?  Oh....  No stories.

MINUS: there are a lot more choices when your ears are pierced.  That can be bad for a budget.

So since the pluses and minuses are pretty well balanced, I'm thinking about it.  What do you think?  Please take the poll to the right.

And Dani (and anyone else looking who can't order online): I bet Claire's or Icing carry cushions.  They carry lots of clip-ons).


  1. Get pierced, Meg. It takes 5 minutes. Just a short burst of pain. YOu have to wear studs all the time for a few weeks, they can be simple. Tom Brady wears them, so you can. After that, you're dressing enough to not have to worry about the holes closing. I went a few months once w/o dressing, and the holes opened right up.

    Most importantly, pierced earrings are a revelation in comfort. Not even padded clips can even come close. You put them in and fuhgeddabouddem! Even the largest hoops or chandeliers that came from Liberace's candelabrum. I get enough knee and foot pain to never want mute earlobe agony.

  2. Meg -

    I'm also looking at piercing my ears. However, I'm also looking for a way to keep the hole filled with something other than a typical stud, something hardly noticeable while the "wound" heals, so that I can walk into a conservative office with no one noticing much. Somewhere, I read that the solution may be found in tattoo/piercing parlors with a non-jewelry stud which can be painted in a flesh tone. The exposed part would lie flat on the skin, and if colored right, would not be casually noticeable.

    So far, I've been too lazy to do much research in this area. But if someone gives me the answer, I will check it out for myself, and if it fits my needs - get my ears pierced.


    1. There are "invisible studs" out there (for people who can't wear at the ofice). The shops will not use them for the initial piercing (I've asked) but I don't see too much wrong with getting the job done and then making the switch when I get home.

  3. It sounds like you have already made up your mind. The only reason you cited in favor of pierced style was choice. You can convert some of those to clip-on. Thanks for the tip about the pads. I will try them.

  4. Just do it!

    A few days or weeks afterwards, you'll be struggling to work out why you didn't do it sooner.

    Guess what? you won't have an answer. Not a good one, at least. Once you finally get past the "too chicken" stage, you'll find that there really isn't a reason not to.

  5. I was 65 when I had my ears pierced. I just said that I was being trying to be a little different. I have had hardly any comment since. My hairdresser thinks I am cool for my age! It is great to be able to wear nice earrings when in girl mode.

  6. There are studs at the piercing places that are small enough for you to sleep on your side. These things aren't 12 penny nails.

    As for closing up, I didn't wear earrings for almost 10 years and they didn't close up. So what on earth are you waiting for?

  7. Like you if I thought that the positives outweighed the negatives I would have gone the piercing route but I have to do the simple math and based on my seeing the +/- the same as you I see you list one + and 6 -. I will never say never but the odds of me getting pierced ears are about 6 to 1 against it.

  8. I so remember when having one ear pierced meant you were gay, if it was the right one. I pierced my left one twice as a teen. I still have those holes. Ten years later, I pierced my nose, that lasted about 6 months, until it was fully healed and then I took it out and never put it back. Ten years after that, I finally pierced my right ear, which I still have as well.

    My advice, if you are going to actually do it, go to an actual piercing studio, where they will do it with a hollow tip needle and use a surgical steel piercing. Do not have it done at the mall, or with a piercing gun. The studs they use with the piercing guns are questionable in quality and it will take much longer to heal and it will hurt much more for much longer. Besides those studs hurt to sleep on.

  9. Like you am thinking about having mine done, and like you it is largely fear that stops me, so far. One minus you missed, all those nice clip ons I have but won't wear any more.

  10. when i had mine done at clares they used 14ct gold that came sealed in a sealed package. (some places don't use 14ct) yes they used a gun but if i did a second set or if someone was doing this in cartridge they a piercing place is the way to go due to the fact that the gun could damage cartridge. the lobe though is just sort of a fatty tissue.


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