Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Funnies ~ Tricky

I try to keep my blog PG-rated.  I do speak of, um, upper body structure on occasion, but I think I do a good job of writing for even the younger trans-readers here.

That said....

One of my favourite comics is called "Least I Could Do."  The main character's name is Rayne.  Rayne is mostly interested in sex (Star Wars is probably second place).  If you go back to the very beginning of the strip, the writer (Ryan Sohmer) was a bit more subdued and the art was not very good, to say the least.  After a couple of years, a new artist (Lar DeSouza) came on board and the artwork became some of the best in a (web)strip.

Rayne is mostly unfiltered.  He does what he wants, or tries to, and he says what he thinks, and he is successful due to Just Plain Luck.

It's a funny strip but for obvious reasons will never get a newspaper gig.

It's not a strip I'd share with my kids.  But I'll sort of share it with you.  He ended 2011 with this strip:

Click to enjoy

And he spent the next four strips giving his top-ten list.

Sunday is devoted to Rayne As A Boy, but on the following day he's back with the Top 10 Things Men Have Said In The Delivery Room (but then he only lists nine).

I'm not going to repost the strips here, but you can find them starting here.  Use the arrow key to the right to get to the next strip.

If you want, here is the first strip.   Here's the first with Lar doing the artwork.

I've read them all up to the end of 2011.

No, it's not for everyone.  But it's often both fun and surprising.  (And if you go back to the beginning of Dec, 2011 you can find a sequence that's pretty typical of the strip.)

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