Saturday, August 10, 2013

Makeover Humour

I'm finding fewer "cd" cartoons lately.  I've been leaning on "cd-ish" cartoons, but even they're getting scarce.  I haven't decided if this is a good thing (people are finding cd less fringe, hence, less surprising, hence less funny) or bad thing (cartoonists put cd into the "PC" category and are afraid to touch it).

In any event, I keep looking and, in the meantime, I'm expanding to more "gender" cartoons: things that are girl-stuff related, that might appeal to us.

Today: makeovers, from Big Al, the Gal (aka Allison Garwood) (Neurotica) and Rick Detorie (One Big Happy).

There are no new Neurotica strips.  I don't know how long the strip ran, but I know I've seen these at least twice.  Soon it will go off my rotation, but it's kind of fun and I hope to get some I haven't seen before.

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