Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Busy Game Night

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Recently, I've been going out for a single purpose: dinner, or game night, or something similar.  Getting dressed can be a lot of work for a short time out, so I prefer to do multiple events.  12 July was a good example: a walk around Old Town Alexandria with a little window shopping, dinner, a boat ride to see fireworks, dessert back in Old Town.  It was a nice, relaxing evening out.

Money has also been an issue, so I've not been shopping or splurging at all.

I've also not been sleeping well, and I thought a little "Meg time" might help.

I got dressed for game night about two hours earlier than I needed to.   As you can see, I wore the same black-and-white maxi as the previous weekend.  It was with a different group and a different sweater, and I like that dress so Why Not?

There are multiple nail places near my house (surprise!), but there's one that's close to a restaurant that I hadn't tried before so I went there and had my toes done.  The old polish, done at the apartment, was looking worse for the wear, and pedicures are Very Pleasant.

From there, I had a nice dinner at the restaurant and then headed over to game night.

The past two game nights, one of the guys, D, asked if we were going out after the games.  It seems some people head to a restaurant to talk or play more games.

Both times, it was late and I was either tired or had something to do the next day so I demurred.  This time, I was rested and wanted to see what happens after the games, so I was ready to go.

D left early, and when I was ready to go no-one had mentioned after-games and a large group was playing a game called "Werewolf" so it was just home to bed.

I feel like I've just written the "agenda" slide of a powerpoint (ugh) presentation.  I'll have more details over the next few days.

Oh... I slept well that night.
(Friday the 13th falls on a Tuesday this month)
(Happy birthday Star!)

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