Friday, August 9, 2013

Gaming Part II

There's not much to say.  Illuminati is a game of conspiracies, and after one player had to leave (we were there for over six hours at that point), two of the most experienced players got together and came up with a way where they thought it was possible for all of the remaining players would win at the same time.

Each player has a different "group" and they all have a common win state, plus a unique one.  Alas, at the end of the game, everyone had their win position but yours truly.  I understand why ~ my win position was very specific.  I had to have an exact number of points, and in order for two of the other players to win, they couldn't make my score come out exactly where it needed to be.

Who cares.  I had fun, learned a strange new game and got a couple of pictures.

Oh...  I like that dress.  It's kind of heavy but I'll certainly wear it again soon (for other casual events).

Click to enlarge.  Pooch is helping Charity with strategy.

Star, reading the next group card.

Dave and Corinna, blinded by science

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