Friday, August 16, 2013

Pregame Night ~ Dinner

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A few steps away was a Chinese restaurant I had never been to before.  I enjoy Chinese food.  It's like fast food in many ways: you can get something familiar and it'll be fine.  Probably not great, but filling with leftovers.  AND you get your fortune.  Mine generally reads "Help!  I'm a prisoner in a Chinese bakery" or "The antidote is an additional $50."

The restaurant was mostly takeaway with a dozen or so tables.  You order at the counter and the food magically appears a few minutes later.  I guess Panda Express does something similar.  Most of the tables were empty, but there was a steady stream of people coming in for takeaway.  I haven't been eating out lately, so tonight was a mini-splurge for me.

Like the nail salon, it was an enjoyable interlude before game night, with one small exception: my earrings were starting to be uncomfortable.

If you've worn clip-ons, they are the three bears of jewelry: they can be too tight, too loose, or Just Right.

Too loose means an earring might disappear at an inopportune moment.

Just right are a pleasure to wear.  You don't even notice they're there until you touch your ear or tilt your head and the earring touches you.

OwOwOwOwOwOw.  But so cute!
Too tight earrings were used during The Inquisition.  You start by feeling a little discomfort and think "hmmm.  I can live with this."  Then it gets to be a LOT of discomfort and you think "I don't like this, but I love these earrings."  Then it wanders into pain territory and you think "I should have worn another pair, but I can take this for another few hours."

Then they reach the level of dental procedure sans anesthetic and they have to come OUT.  But by then there's a little blister or cut or scab or other side effect.  But you don't care.  The torture is over.

The best are the older earrings, with the little screws.  You can decide how much torture you need to put yourself through each time.  "That might be too loose.  I'll tighten them Just A Bit....  OW.  Maybe that's too much.  I'll back them off and... where did the other earring go?" and so on.  It's easier to tune a cello.

These were too tight.  I usually have a spare pair in my purse, ones that I know are Just Right but I didn't tonight.

Fortunately, the restaurant was pretty close to home and I was still pretty early so I stopped back at the apartment, dropped off the excess food, touched up my lips, changed my earrings and it was off to game night!


  1. Meg -

    Will you you consider getting your ears pierced?


  2. Sure can relate to the clip-on earrings issue! Mine are too tight...probably fit Mom perfectly.

  3. Why don't you just get your ears pierced already
    The cutest earrings are for pierced ears
    NOBODY cares nowadays less than tattoos
    You can always take them off and the piercing is hardly noticeable
    I remember being worried, afraid, nervous etc about shaving my legs, chest, underarms , my only regret was not doing it ALOT sooner,
    Guess what nobody notices or cares

  4. Too tight earrings. Yep, I play the same Game as you do, but I can't give them up either.


  5. I've been pierced since 1996. I figured if Michael Jordan could get away with it, I could. Nobody's ever commented about it when in guy mode.


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