Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Encounter ~ OPI

Now and then, I'm going to add little pleasant encounters to my Wednesday "Simple Pleasure" posts.  These will be bits I missed from previous outings, or shopping encounters, or just teasing civilians, that y'all may enjoy hearing.

At one of the previous civilian game nights (that I never wrote about), one of the women (L) sitting next to me looked at my hands and said "OPI!"  I was confused for a moment but she showed me her fingers and said "I love OPI!  What shade is that?"  I told her, and that started a three-way conversation about the merits of OPI and their new "Euro" and "Bond Girl" collections.  My toes were recently done in Big Apple Red and I shared them as well.  L declared the three of us "the OPI girls" and we kept that designation at later game nights.



  1. Thank you for the fine example of a demonstration of female bonding. Women are much more observant of things of this nature than men. It is amazing that she could spot your polish brand and it is very affirming that she invited you into the small sorority of "OPI Girls".

  2. OPI and ESSY are one of the few co. that seem to keep their nail polish shades and not eliminate them . it drove me crazy to find out that i'd find i shade i liked at some of the other co. and find out they had eliminated it without even coming up with a decent subsitute.


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