Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Encounters ~ Observations

Please take the quick poll: are your ears pierced?

I went to two civilian game nights in July.  About half of the games were there both times.  The first time, I wore this around my neck:
click to see my neckwear
It's a bit hard to see, but the shorter chain says "Meg."  It's much more visible here (from my Pizza night out):

A couple of times, when I was introduced and people weren't sure of the name, I said "you could cheat" and pointed to my necklace.

In the next game night, I wore this:

During one game, someone new to many of us came in.  As I was being introduced, one of the guys who I had met at the previous night said "where's your 'Meg' necklace?"  I said "it didn't go with this necklace so I had to leave it at home."  He said it was a nice necklace and we moved on.

It's nice to be noticed.


  1. The place that I frequent most often when I can get out and about is an LGBT friendly bar. I only have a drink or two and leave. On many occasions I will chat with other patrons. It always makes me feel good when a GG notices something I have worn. Typically it will be my shoes or my dress. It has been my wig and I even get an occasional compliment on my makeup. Recently I have had several comments on my accessories including some clip on earrings and my necklaces. These affirming comments make me feel wonderful.

  2. Yes, my ears are pierced.

    What's a. civilian game night?


  3. Is that hair new, or just styled different?

    It looks good. :)

  4. Nadine ~ my hair had a thorough cleaning/conditioning. I think the conditioning made a big difference!

    Sophie ~ I use "civilians" to refer to non-T people. I just joined a group, same as anyone else would. Why not?

  5. It is nice to be noticed, especially since not many men will notice things like that, and fewer will have the courage to comment, ~ but then that's another post

  6. Love your photos. You are so pretty - Julie

  7. Paula ~ I'm still trying to figure out why civilians compliment a dress. I know why I do, but.... And, yes, that's another post. For one of us. :)

    And Julie, thank you so SO much! That means a lot to me.

  8. yes my ears are both pierced. i had them done 2 years ago. the diana side gave the male side no choice and hence they needed to be pierced. i was ready for all my guy friends who said why and i said "because i felt like it" LOL and it also is for my other self.... hence it allowed me to open up and for the most part come out of the closet. i wear pink safires most of the time.
    initially i asked my really hip (long hair and an earing for the last 20 yrs or so LOL)ear dr but he said the mall would be cheaper. i went to clairs and then for 6 weeks used the clairs cleaning solution which i'll NEVER use again. i would go to clairs but use alcohol or a salt spray solution. as i ended up with a earlobe infection and back at the ear dr. he gave me topical antibiotic and it cleared up. i used 14ct posts for a year but all the really cute earings are the cheep k mart ones soooo i finaly got up the nerve and startedd using whatever i liked. but for the most part i use the pink safires even in guy mode as soooo many local guy s in central nj use studs no one even notices! no my diana side keeps pushing for a second set of earlobe pearcings to combine a stud with a dangler she also wants a tiny nose stud. we will see..... she just keeps nudging more and more * sigh*
    anyway i'd say if you want them pierced just do it as i did it at age 54. one of the nurses commented as if it were a mid life crises and said "you sould get a little red sports car instead" and i said "oh i allready have a little red mg midget restored sports car" LOL then i explained of my other self... she still didn't seem to understand LOL most don't know of diana including the DR. in that office. but as i said ear piercings in central nj for guys are verrry common these days.


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