Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Think This Is A Recurring Theme

(take the poll, but I think it's pretty overwhelming right now.  If you have a good reason to go against the majority, I'd love to hear it)

I had a plan for last Saturday.  Yes, it's another "plan, non-event" ~ sort of.

I would get dressed in something casual (maybe that long black-and-white dress again ~ I do like it a lot) and go to a local farmer's market.  Afterward, I'd treat myself to breakfast, and possibly go home and change into something nicer.  I've been wanting to wear my green dress again, and I wanted to go to the annual jewelry show.  Depending on how long I spent there, I might go grab another bite afterwards, or maybe do a bit of window shopping.

Instead, I had several things to catch up on (it's called "life" or something like that) and I decided it made more sense to push myself to do that Saturday and go out dressed the next day, as a reward ~ IF I could stay on schedule.

So Saturday, I had breakfast at home and went to the local farmer's market in drab, and then back to work.  I did what needed to be done, so Sunday would be a Meg day out!

The jewelry show was an event I had some qualms about.  Remember I recently wrote about how I avoid events that are civilian single-sex oriented, and I figured a jewelry show would be overwhelmingly female.  It was, but no more than, say, the women's department at Burlington or TJ Maxx.  Of course, there were a LOT more women at the show.

But I went.


  1. Good! for you,, to go and enjoy.....

  2. Meg,
    I voted to keep the clips.
    1) My ears are not pierced, and likely won't be, so I want to read about your experiences related.
    2) You expressed some, significant to my mind, reservations about the process.
    But it is just a poll. You get to choose!:-)


  3. You don't need our approval to get the ears pierced.

    IMHO, the real issue is whether you are ready to go public, with a visible indicator of your gender preferences.

    If in doubt (of this factor) then clips are just as decorative.

  4. I just realised that my last two comments are connected - Manning and clips - that is.

    It's all about whether to come out or not. Like leaping off a cliff, its better to goad someone-else to test the waters first.


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