Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jewelry Show ~ Preshow

The jewelry show didn't start until 11 on Sunday so after a leisurely breakfast I got ready to go.  I decided on an implied "came-here-from-church" look and wore the green dress I had worn to a soiree a few weeks ago, plus a pair of brown open-toed heels.

I hadn't worn those shoes out before so I brought a pair of backup wedges (my silver Aerosoles which are pretty comfortable).  I also brought a pair of backup earrings for the dangly (but evil) ones, I tried to wear previously.  This was the "with cushions" test.

I apologise for the teaser.  I'll have more tomorrow.

I do have a picture of me and my new friend  She's nameless right now.  More on that in a week or so.  Right now, I'm thinking of calling her Mustard because she's grey and she'll poupon anything.  Sorry.

Ain't she cute?


  1. ....snort... grey ~ poupon... snort...


  2. Mustard. You must really relish that joke. - Julie.

  3. Congratulations on your new fashion accessory, even if it leaves some fowl deposits in its wake. Cockatiels do apply their blush soooo well.......

  4. i forgot to mention you look sooooo happy in the 1st photo of the dress.


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