Monday, August 19, 2013

Game Night ~ Actually A Good Night

Please take the quick poll: are your ears pierced?

I know I said it was the Worst Game Night Ever, but, of course, I wasn't serious.

I finally got to play some chess with P, and I readily admit I was not in form.  She's a decent player but I

Ticket to Ride.  I'm the hidden chess player in the background
think we're pretty well matched which is why I shouldn't have lost three games.  D offered to play the winner of our last game, which meant he had a 50-50 chance of playing me (even though I immediately turned to P and said "looks like you'll play D next" and I was up a queen at the time) so he wasn't shying away from playing me.

My OPI friend wasn't there that night, but some other guys/gals who I played with before were and we played a variety of games together.  One was called "Blokkus" which was new to me, but not to the other three players.  I held my own, finishing in a tie for first.  At one point, I asked the room if anyone wanted to play backgammon and I ended up playing two games with W, a friendly guy I had not met previously.  Alas, the dice were NOT my

Players sleep during Werewolf
friends that night.  I had some moves where all I could do was pick the least bad move, and I ended up playing back games (twice) and barely escaped with a single point.

Still, I enjoy games, win or lose.
There was a serious game of Ticket To Ride, which I had played before and wanted to play again but it didn't work out.  My friend C (who I saw in that store in Old Town) loves that game and brought it with her.

One guy brought a huge box of games, including something called "Bang" which is in a large, bullet-shaped box.  It was an interesting game, but not what I'd choose first.

T-note: during Bang, one of the guys pointed to my cards and said "he could play a 'missed' card to avoid losing health" but he was referring to my character (everyone has a role) which was male.

Other than that, Meg was just one of the players.  But I'm still not going to one of the "Girl Game Nights" they have every so often.  Unless someone invites me.

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  1. Meg -

    Regarding the Girl Game Nights...

    I'd be doing the same as you. Right now, I have a female friend who is afraid of meeting people, as she doesn't know how to interact with them outside of one-on-one conversations. She wants me to attend a women's meetup group with her, and I said - only if the organizer approves. I don't want to go where I wouldn't be accepted. (And I don't think I would be accepted - that would be OK with me for now....)



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