Monday, August 12, 2013

Worst Game Night Ever

I went to another civilian game night.  There were about 25 people there, some old faces, some new faces, and three things made it the worst game night ever:

* I saw one guy give me an odd look when I looked back at him.  For all I know, he had gas.

* while we were playing one game, one guy looked at me and two other women and referred to us as "you people."  Funny... there was a slight pause or something that gave me the feeling he wasn't going to say "you ladies" or "you girls."  Maybe that's his generic fallback when referring to humans.

* I lost three games of chess in a row.

If that's going to be my worst game night ever, I'm good with that.

I wore the same long black-and-white dress as I did at Star's games.  There was a clothing swap during the weekend too; I considered making it a threepeat, but I didn't go to the swap.  I'm a bit swapped out.  Maybe in the fall.

Pictures and more about the evening will follow.

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