Monday, December 10, 2012

Transgender Day of Remembrance, Part I

Forecast: Partly Cloudy, Low in the Mid 40s

A bit chilly for Meg, yes.  But Charity loaned me a coat and for some reason, the coat made the outfit.  I won't pretend to understand, but I looked in the mirror after getting dressed and thought, "I look OK for going out."  I pulled on the coat and smiled broadly and thought "I look pretty good.  How can a coat make a difference like that?"

Once again, I went to a nearby Transgender Day of Remembrance event.  This is the third consecutive year I've gone.  I would have gone to earlier events, but I didn't know about them.  This is the fourth year at this particular church (the Metropolitan Community Church of Northern Virginia) so I'm batting .750.  As soon as I learned that there is a particular day to remember those in our community who've been victims of fatal violence, I knew I had to show my face and raise my voice.  I don't recall thinking it over at all.  I had to go.  Even though I'd show my male face.  It was that important.

This year, however, I went as Meg.  I met a friend there.  I met a couple of new friends there.  And I brought someone with me as well.

There was a little chatter on the Classy DC Sisters [CDCS] group about going to a TDoR event in Maryland.  I rarely get involved on that list (although I follow their going's on and goings out), but I knew many of the girls live in VA and I wrote about the Fairfax event, along with some information about how to find the church.  Google maps and my GPS both think the church is on a different street.  It's in what's basically a townhouse ~ the type where you'll find professional offices and small businesses.  Two years ago, I got in late because I couldn't find it.  I spoke to other people aimlessly driving around the parking lots ~ most gave up and went home.  Last year, I wandered the lot myself and when I saw lost-looking people I told them where the church was and where to park.

Rachel (Vanessa last time I met her) said she'd be there, and Cindy Tease, who I've wanted to meet for a while (she's the queen of the CDCS) and Joann (Texas gal, very active in the CDCS) said they'd be there.  I told Cindy what I'd be wearing so she'd maybe recognise me.  I looked at her picture but knew I had little chance of remembering what she looked like.  Still, I tried.

It was on a Tuesday this year.  I left work as early as I could and shaved and showered.  Charity, who was coming to the event with me, helped me with my makeup.  I knew traffic would be nasty so I tried to leave early enough that I could meet Joann and Cindy and chat a bit before the service.

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