Thursday, December 27, 2012

...And Concert Dressed (Part I)

(before I get to the meat of the post, Marian asked what songs Christine Lavin did.  I don't recall them all, but she did Dan Fogelberg's Same Auld Lang Syne, I'm Glad He Can't Read My Mind, What Was I Thinking (with a new final verse about Mitt Romney), Christians and Pagans, Christmas Tree Story (a story she told her 3 year old niece many years ago), a strange version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, and more.  She brought up her and Uncle Bonsai relatives for a final song (another offbeat 12 days of Christmas).  She invited up Debbie Smith ~ she invites anyone local who was on the "Just One Angel" album.  Debbie played a song to an Irish drum which she played beautifully and did a wonderful O Holy Night.  Funny: she said she used to beg the pastor at her local church ~ I think it was United Methodist of Annandale ~ and someone jumped up and said "that was my mom!"  Small world.   And Christine finished her set by doing some baton twirling.)

I live in the bubble that is my comfort zone.  I don't like to try new foods, my default response to a new situation is "no."  I like what I'm used to.

It takes a conscious effort to pop that bubble.  Even though I step outside of my comfort zone regularly as Meg, I stick to outfits that I know I like, makeup the way I've done it before, colours I feel are "traditional" if not always age-appropriate.

For instance, last time I was at the salon, my beautician started painting my toenails purple.  (No fingers ~ I was in drab.)  Although my default is also to accept the advice of women when it comes to fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, I said "I prefer red."  She argued that purple was a more fall colour, but I insisted and I'm glad I did ~ I still have my red toenails and I get a little bit of pleasure every time I see them.

But Charity seems intent on breaking the bubble with startling regularity.

For the concert, we agreed on a purple dress that I've taken out several times but always put back in lieu of something else.  I suggested purple tights, which she thought was OK.  I was starting to like the brown boots but she said not with purple.  Then she offered to do my fingernails.  She suggested purple.

I didn't say no.

I'm glad I didn't say no.  I LOVED my nails and hated to remove the polish later.  (NOTE: I really wanted to leave the colour on for the next day at work and think I could have!  Virtually no-one was there and if I had to, I could've (ugh) made up a story ("my little niece wanted to paint someone's nails and I was her last chance.  She looked so sad when I said I had to take it off that I left it on."  Or "my roomate likes it.  Is it a big deal?" which is probably better but still a story).

She did my colours as well, and she gave my face a hint of purple (shadow, lips) that changed the way Meg looked in a way I also loved.  Please let me know if I'm delusional or if this is a good look for me (little poll to the right ~ and my ego wouldn't let me add the obvious fourth choice!).  And, yes, I understand "good" is relative.


  1. Hi Meg,

    I just love your new look. You look fabulous!

  2. Meg -

    I'd love to see a picture of the whole outfit....

    Also - Thanks for the CL set list. She has settled into doing roughly the same songs at every concert - that's why one of my close friends and I don't go to her shows anymore.


  3. The colours are good, but what makes the look really good is the smile!
    I love the whole purple to Lilac spectrum, but Charity is right, not with brown. I like a splash of colour rather than a lot so woudl probably not have coloured tights and a coloured dress, but I do like the idea of you co-ordinating, and of course I too have my comfort zone.....

  4. Sounds like you had fun! You go, girl!

  5. No delusions, you are lit up and beautiful. Love the lip color especially.

    Nice to have an in-house cosmetician, is it not?

    Cheers - Petra

  6. That's a really good look for you. It's easy to get into a makeup rut, I know a lot of girls (T and cis) who do their makeup by the numbers every time. That's not fun. Makeup's supposed to be fun. Hope Meg gets to go to many more concerts!

  7. Meg- Glad you had fun at the concert! And you look great in this pic! Yes, as usual...congrats, girl! Have a great new year!!
    Hug, Sara


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