Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Simple Pleasures

(Happy 12/12/12!  For the last time this century, the date works for everybody!  Well... OK.  Happy 12.12.12 or 12-12-12 anyway!)

When I get dressed for the day, I can leave my nightie hanging on the hook on the back of my bathroom door.  And, no, not all of my simple pleasures involve the bathroom!

(Bearmountaineer [and anyone else interested] ~ Cindy's group is the Classy DC Sisters.  You'll need a Yahoo signin to get into the "adult" section.  And if you drop me a note, I can give you Cindy's e-mail address.)


  1. I do like your 'simple pleasures'. For the past two weeks I have been able to have my toe nails colored a nice red. It was a nice simple pleasure to see my nails throught my hose. Last night I took the polish off and putting on my hose this morning did not seem the same.
    Simple pleasures that may be ho-hum to some tend to have meaning to others.

  2. Meg -

    I like the simple pleasure hanging on the door... May you be able to enjoy more of those pleasures, now that you have your own place.



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