Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mostly Harmless

(aside: there are twenty future doctors, government leaders, star athletes, clergymen, musicians... we'll never know.  They were the latest victims of a nut with a gun.  I've ignored the White House petition site because it seemed frivolous.  I created an account and signed my name to several petitions requesting changes to our gun laws or at least a discussion of our gun laws.  I know it's not much, but if there's a chance of getting some sensible restrictions on guns ~ cop killer bullets, higher taxes on shells, close gun show loopholes, reinstate the assault weapon ban, restrict gun purchases to one a month....  We regulate cars, why not guns?

(I apologise for pushing my politics into this, but I'm sad and angry right now.  And if you're sad and angry and disagree with me, there's also a petition to arm all teachers and principals.)

The world is going to end soon, and it's not because an intergalactic bypass is being built and the Earth will be demolished because it's in the way.

Since this is the last Sunday Funnies before 12/21/12 (or 21/12/12 to most English speakers not living in the United States) I thought I'd point out that some cartoonists saw the comic opportunity in the end of the world ~ after all it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Here's a sample, starting with Bizarro, some Arlo and Janis's, a pair of Brewster Rockits, and finishing with the Mother Goose and Grimm sequence.

"Drink up.  The world's about to end."

I Want One!

He's done this before!


  1. all i can say is that in my opinion it seems as though the lobbyist groups must be well paid by the ammunition manufactures. and the health insurer.
    it seems as though the lobbyist groups skew any major political decisions that a politician votes on. and in my opinion the worst thing that was ever invented in this country was the paid jobs of the lobbyist groups! just remember all those ill gotten moneys they will need to fan and cool themselves in the after life.
    the amazing thing is that in as much as it has left the majority of us in a sense of shock it probably doesn't even both the suppliers of ammunition they will act as if they had nothing to do with the situation. sort of like the head of BP oil after the great oil spill last year down in the gulf. as i said the lobbyist groups control most of the decisions made! all we can do i pray for the loss of those familys.

  2. Meg
    Like you I am also 'sad and angry'. I suspect that there will be no shortage of pundits who will posit that the shooter was also 'sad and angry'. We are in a political climate where class warfare is being waged to generate anger.

    Over the weekend both the Ct. governor and retiring Ct. Sen. Lieberman were on TV noting that Ct. has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Guns are already heavily regulated. Murder is a manifestation of evil. We know murder can be done by ones bare hands or with chemicals. It can be accomplished with a lead pipe or a rope or a candlestick or a knife or a wrench or a revolver. What we do know is that murder is committed by people and we need to look at the people, not always their choice of weapons, for clues.

    A lot will be said and written about the tragedy in Newtown...some out of emotion and some out of political agenda and some out of simple caring a common sense. A lot has been made of the video games that were played by the shooter. Millions of people play those games and do not become mass murderers.

    My heart goes out to the slain innocents and to their parents and families. Last week I was passing througn Newtown with a friend who had lived there almost 20 years. It is a wonderful community and it is overwhelmingly sad to see them have to cope with all this waste, horror and sadness.



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