Thursday, December 20, 2012

Padding My Account

Happy end-of-the-world day everybody!  In case the Mayans were wrong (and they don't have a good track record at predicting when civilisation is going to end ~ they missed theirs by quite a while), welcome to the reprieve.

A picture's worth a thousand words, right?  So here's today's 4000 word post.

I bought a new padded panty from HerRoom.  It's the one pictured to the right.  I looked for a while, hoping I'd find something I liked and looked realistic.  I was hesitant to buy one for a number of reasons:

1. It cost $44.

OK, that was pretty much the main reason.  For a girl who thinks $30 is a lot to pay for a dress, paying  $44 for underwear is a stretch (so to speak).

It fits pretty well.  It digs in at the front of the leg openings, but if I adjust it a bit it's fine.  It's also  a bit tight, but that hides Things That Women Don't Have.  The pads come out for cleaning.

I think it adds some curves and seems to subtract some as well (as I mentioned in my last swap post, Steffi mentioned that I had lost weight ~ I didn't but I put on some hips and I guess, relatively speaking, it looked like I lost some weight.  So YAY.

After I came in from a trip to Old Town Alexandria with Charity (I haven't written about that yet) I asked her to take three views with and without the panty.  The results are below.  The pads are in in the left-hand picture.  Zooming may help.  The side view shows the effect the best.

It's been part of my outfit each time I've dressed since I bought it.


  1. Yes there is a difference in your profile, but like so many of these things the biggest boost can be to self confidence. Knowing you have a more womanlt figure can only help.

  2. I looked at all sorts of options years ago, and found that none of them added enough for my liking, so I made my own. I also wrote and illustrated the wikipedia article. What can I say, I like having a big butt. :P

  3. It works for you very well. It does give you more of a womanly curve, particularly in side view. It's hard to tell in front view pix since it's hard to tell where the bodice stops and the sleeves start, but it's a noticeable difference there, too. Increasing the hips and butt have the optical effect of reducing the waist, much less painfully than a corset.

    On an aside, what kind of boots are those, and where'd you get them? I've seen those in a few pix now. They're first class.

    1. Annie, I'm sure I picked them up at Payless. I tossed most of my shoeboxes, but I have that one ~ Predictions. I've had them for a few years but needed Charity to convince me to wear them!

  4. Meg- Yay, congrats!! Looks just like mine! :)

  5. Hi Meg,
    No doubt that a bit of discreet padding makes a huge difference. I use 1" slabs of foam, suitably shaped (especially at the edges).
    A garment that you just pull on seems attractive but I do wonder if the two oval pads on each side do enough. Personally I think you could get away with a little more!
    It takes time to adjust to a different body shape, but ladies definitely do have waists and hips. You can too!


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