Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Movie In Drab...

I'm sorry.  I characterise myself as an Anglophile, yet I have no idea what the appropriate greeting is for Boxing Day.  I may have to turn in my Red Dwarf videos.

On the Sunday after it was released, Charity and I saw The Hobbit (part one of, I think, seventeen).  It was the first 3D movie I've seen, and it was on an IMAX screen.

We planned carefully: showtime was 11:50, which meant I had plenty of time to get ready.  It ended around 3, and there were several restaurants adjacent to the theatre so we could grab a late lunch/early dinner afterwards and I would still have time to change and clean up before getting my son at 5:30.

In spite of all that, I went in drab.

In the past, if I had free time and an event that guaranteed it would be Meg Day!  The only thing that would stop me would be outside forces (like horrid weather) or inside forces (like a horrid headache).

It was what I used to call the "perfect storm," where everything came together perfectly for a Meg Day Out ~ better, because Charity would be with me.

But I chose to not get dressed.

Maybe that's another simple pleasure: I can dress for no reason, and not dress for no reason.

The movie was pretty good, the 3D was interesting, the food was tasty, the company was wonderful, and I had fun, dressed or not. 

Would it have been more fun dressed?  Maybe.  But it really didn't matter.

I think some introspection is called for, but I'm happy with my decision.


  1. Meg -

    Nothing wrong with going out in drab... Dressing well requires work, and there are other pleasures in life that we should be enjoying for their own sake. Unless we're transitioning, dressing should always be a pleasure and not a requirement.


  2. What ever the may say on Red Dwarf you can guarantee that it is not appropriate, for Boxing day or indeed any other day. I don't think that there is any particular greeting special for boxing day, being English we will probably just mumble in an embarrassed way, maybe if particularly emotional we may briefly shake hands

  3. Being a CD gives you the ability to choose which way to present. Just because you can go out dressed, doesn't mean you have to. The ability to choose is something I don't want to relinquish.


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