Friday, December 14, 2012

Lick Your Fingernail

Seriously.  If you're among the many readers who do not polish their nails, lick a nail.  Look at the way it shines, at least for the few seconds until it dries.

That's how a nail with clear nail polish looks.

When I first decided shiny nails were a look I wanted, I had the nail beautician buff my nails.  They looked nice, but my nails also started breaking at an annoying rate.  After a few visits, she mentioned that buffing thins the nails so they break.  So last time, I tried clear polish.

When you get your nails coloured, the beautician puts down a base coat, a couple of coats of colour, a top coat and maybe something to help it dry faster.  You still end up sitting with your fingers drying for ten minutes or more.

But all she did was a quick single coat of what was apparently top coat.  It dried almost instantly so I could go home.  It also came off almost instantly.  Within three days, some fingers were half-polished.

Charity offered to try to put a coat of clear polish on my fingers.  She tried the top coat and had the same results as the salon: within a couple of days it was coming off.

Then she put on O. P. I. Nail Envy nail strengthener.  It's been over two weeks and my nails look great.  They're trimmed to nothing because the ends are still breaking from being thinned and buffed (I guess).  But I think they have a more femme look than they did before and that's where each item I wear is converging: a more femme look.


  1. Meg -

    How many people have noticed your gradual blurring of the genders at work? (How many people have made comments, good or bad, about it, if noticed?)

    If I felt it were safe for me at work to do what you're doing, I'd seriously consider it. And if I were to lose my job, I'd probably never be able to get a job that pays half as well given my skill sets. So this is an important risk factor for me.

    With this being said, I wonder whether I'd decide to try to get a future job in Marian mode once I've trained and perfected my vocal presentation, and dealt with my facial hair....


  2. I find it much more rewarding being obscenely unsubtle in boy mode. :-)

  3. Right move on Charity's part. Here's why it works. Nail polish is chemically not dissimilar to auto paint, and clear nail polish is close chemically to auto clearcoat. Clearcoat is meant to be sprayed over a base coat, not over a bare surface. If you ever try to spray clear over bare urethane or plastic, you'll see the clear flake off rapidly just as it did with your nails. The OPI Nail Envy provides a flexible primer for the clear to adhere to, much like a primer but without the tint. Priming with a nail strengthener when you use a color coat is a good idea, too; it makes the color stay put, and makes it easier to remove when you need to.

  4. Be VERY careful with the Nail Envy.
    It has ruined my nails - I am having to wait for them to grow out.
    They have become weak and pitted and brittle.
    Really nasty to look at without some kind of clear coat.
    If you notice ANY change in your nails you don't like, stop using OPI right away. I waited far too long because I loved the pale pink top coat.

    p.s. I think Revlon 955 base coat may be better, but only time will tell.


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