Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Simple Pleasure ~ The Right to Be Tired

Quick poll, ladies.  It's over on the right.

Going out as Meg is a high-energy endeavour.  I come home and generally don't want to change ~ I'm on a post-out high.  By the time I finally take off my makeup and wig and miscellaneous undergarments and shower, I'm usually beat.  But I have to make sure everything is put away, and the better I do that, the easier it is next time.  I had the proverbial "place for everything" but sometimes I didn't have the time nor energy to put "everything in it's place" so clothes would be jumbled where I'll remember where everything is and what needs laundering ~ honest!  I will!

Sometimes, I just threw things into the back of the closet and forgot about them until next time when it took an extra ten or ninety-nine minutes to find what I wanted.  Mistakes have happened, like when I went to the office for Halloween and brought the wrong wig.  For some things, no list, no matter how organised, will help.  I'm not a Rumsfeld plan, but he was right: there are unknown unknowns.

But now, I don't have to hang everything up, put everything away, scrape off every bit of makeup ~ all I need to do is a "good enough" job.  If I have a bit of mascara or lip colour on for the evening, well, that's OK.  If I leave my clothes on the bed, that's OK too.  When I float down from the Meg high, I can put everything away, leisurely and lovingly, not hurriedly and haphazardly.

And next time, is easier.  And next time, is sooner.


  1. There's at least one of us who need a category "all the time" - my stuff is all in my bag, and I don't leave home without it!


  2. I'm glad that you are finding these simple pleasures, in many ways I am quite envious, as long as you are also getting the bigger pleasures, you certainly sound happier

  3. Your right and ability to leave things out and not fully dress down is another sign of the freedom that you have found in your new living situation.
    I have never been accused of being even slightly organized. I have stuff everywhere, in drawers, in closets, crammed in bags, hidden in various places. Every time I take something out I put it away in a different place. I envy those with organized minds.

  4. Meg -

    In short, your male persona is in a better place because Meg is in a better place. You are no longer forced to hide your female existence. Instead, it coexists with your male persona. And it becomes easier, and much more comfortable with time.

    But, I think the Meg "high", like my "Marian" high will ease over time, as both Meg and Marian become integrated parts of our selves. And when that happens, the focus will not be on which side of the self we want to show at the moment, but which side is most representative of who we are as a whole. And that will trigger more important decisions which we'll need to make.


  5. Things change drastically for the better when you don't have to rush the defrocking. Like most CDs, for a long time I had to be able to defrock, clean the makeup, and stuff away the clothes in no time flat, which made the next time a lot harder. I learned about being organized when I split a house with 3 transitioned TSs about 10 years ago. I had to get my act together fast, as they did, if I wanted to be one of the girls. I learned to keep up the maintenance, keep the clothes washed and organized, and keep a checklist. Nothing worse than being out of foundation or have nothing but runned pantyhose when you have to be at a semiformal event an hour after work, and noting those details when defrocking is vital. Having the time and place to leisurely defrock and keep reasonably organized really is great, and I'm glad to see you're enjoying the benefits of that.


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