Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Not So Simple Pleasure

It really is a pleasure.  But it's not so simple.

My simple pleasures are things women do that I can do too.  They are both simple (wearing earrings to see if they're comfy for long periods of time) and pleasures (I do enjoy earrings, especially dangly ones that surprise me by touching my neck when I turn my head, or tinkling occasionally).

Charity wears scrubs to work and changes when she gets home.  She often changes into a dress because she knows I like them ~ I like to see them as well as wear them.

So one day last week I got home about an hour before Charity did.  I didn't have anywhere particular to go, but I shaved and dressed and stayed that way until bedtime (when I put my nightgown on).

I wore two dresses that I have never worn out, just to enjoy them ~ they're both pretty.  And I tried a different wig.  Any comments?

And I wore them just because I could: the simple pleasure part is, I don't need to plan a little Meg time now.


  1. The light brown wig works well for you in these pics.

    The yellow/purple/black print dress is a keeper. I'd love to find that style in my size. Print dresses scream "I'm a GIRL" like nothing else can (and minimize flaws well, too), and I'm always scouring stores and catalogues to find more of them.

    In my opinion, being able to come home and dress simply because you feel like it, is one great simple pleasure. I do the same. No reason I can't watch "Top Gear" reruns in a skirt or dress at 3AM.

  2. Meg -

    I love the print dress!

    When I visit DC again, I'll bring a nice dress and you, Charity, and I can go out to a nice dinner....


  3. I think the white dress would be better with natural tone hose and lighter shoes (maybe bone or something like that?); I like the style of the wig, but I think it's too light for your coloring.

  4. Meg
    Both dresses look nice on you. I agree with Annie about the prints. I think the pink sheath would do a bit better paired with beige or nude hose.
    I truly appreciate the 'simple pleasure' of being able to dress to please yourself when you want. Whenever I have the house to myself I am likely to be in a dress or skirt. We may not always be the "Masters of our Domain" but it is nice to be the 'Queen for a Day'.

  5. I agree...the yellow/black dress looks fabulous! You can wear that one out, and enjoy it!

  6. If Annie gets the print dress, I got dibs on the pink one. That has almost everything I want -- a high neckline, a smooth fitted bodice unbroken by fasteners (I assume a back zip), a flared skirt, and best of all shiny satin all over. I'm not real wild about skirts less than knee length; when I have the choice I prefer ankle length. But still... I'd wear that one for all the other features I love. The tights go great with it!

  7. Meg:

    From one gurl to another, you look FABULOUS! Those dresses kill. You should wear one to the gathering at Christine's in January. Hope to see you (and Charity!) there.



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