Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time to Get Ready!

It looks like y'all think I should just go to the meetup and have fun.  I think I see your logic, and I just need to be alert to how the others in the group perceive me and plan to make it a one-time visit if it seems awkward.  I think it'll be alright.  If it's not, I wonder if I showed up in, say, six months in male mode if anyone would recognise me.  If only my voice was more flexible!

I have been in my apartment for a month.  I have not yet been out as Meg.

There's a lot of cleaning and organising to do, and not as much prep time as I'd like.  I think my "have to do to make the apartment look nice" is nearing completion, and I can focus a bit more on getting out.

To that end, on Monday I made an  appointment and on Tuesday I went to my favourite salon.  I had my eyebrows waxed, as usual.  I asked my technician (is there a better [ie, more femme] word for her?) to take off a little bit more, arch them a little bit more, than last time.

I also had a pedicure, with coloured nail polish.  It's another of those "little pleasures," like seeing my tights hanging to dry, or seeing my jewelry box on the dresser.  I can put up my feet and see that little bit of femininity, attached and firmly in place.  I also asked her to paint a little picture on my big toes, which she did.  I told her to choose ~ what does she paint well?  You can tell me what you think.  I like it.

I did something rare for me: I overrode a woman who's trying to help me.  I asked her to pick a colour.  Last time, I loved the shade she picked.  This time, she started on my toes, smallest first, with a deep purple polish.  I said "I'd prefer something redder."  She tried to tell me that it's heading into winter and I should go with the deeper colour, but I told her I'm not going to be showing my toes outside, and I like red.  She removed the polish and started over.  (hint: always tip your salonlady well.)
Click to see the pic better.  And that red toe is the one I broke!

And I had a manicure.  Last time, I mentioned that my nails were in terrible shape, that they keep breaking.  She suggested that having them buffed thinned the nails and that's why they broke.  I've been resisting clear polish, but this time I thought I'd try it.  So I now have polished fingernails.  It's really not very noticeable, not very high gloss at all.  It's more of a semi-gloss finish.  I think it'll be fine and passable without comment.

I went from there to my favourite Haircuttery where, alas, my favourite haircutterylady was displaced by a lot of pre-teens and their parents.  Instead of waiting, I left and I'll see what I can find locally.  There are almost as many Haircutteries as Starbucks around here.  I do find wigs fit better and there is less chance of stray grey showing from underneath if I get my hair cut before going out.  And I get my neck trimmed which is important with many tops, when going out.

And I will be going out soon.  I may have to make one more stop before getting out though: Meg does not have a single jacket or coat!  The current forecast is for 60s on the weekend, which, for Meg, is non-coat weather.

Marian will be visiting Washington.  I want to have a little girl time, but my weekend expects to be busy.  More tomorrow!


  1. 73 tops but no jackets! every wardrobe needs a couple of jackets, and a good over coat, I favour a nice long wool coat, but the current trend for mid length highly coloured "military" coats is very attractive,

  2. At this rate, you might just be living as a woman by the time you collect Social Security!

  3. Jamie -

    I could live with that for myself, but it would put a big crimp in my sex life!



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