Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's GiveThanksing Day!

It's good that there's a day to remind me to do what I know I should.

Thank you all for reading, comments, writing notes, being my friends.  I think if I lived in a vacuum I'd be less Meg than I am now, and I'd miss that.  You helped me grow, gave me feedback, and supported me when my life was kind of rough ~ especially this last half-year or so.

I hope to meet more of you this coming year (I met Lucinda Tease, the queen of the Classy DC Sisters, the other day).  I hope more of you are inspired to move further on your path this year (check out Gwen's blog ~ W00T!).

I wish all of my American readers could sit down to their Thanksgiving dinner today and say "I have to give thanks that I can wear this nice dress and heels to dinner today."

So, short and sweet ~ thank you all.  I wish I could share a hug with each of you.

I'll get back to the swap tomorrow.  I'll be writing about the Transgender Day of Remembrance early next week, and finally writing about my wonderful but too-short visit with Marian too.  But today's a day for relaxing and, well, I'm also thankful that a lot of people share their talent for writing and drawing seven days a week.  Remember to click to enlarge.  In no particular order:

I'll  take what she's losing!


  1. Love that you have such a good sense of humor.

  2. Meg -

    You'll have to talk about our experiences in the Newseum ladies' loo in your post on my visit... I have shared one specific picture of us to selected friends with the caption: "To boldly go, where no man has gone before..." And those who see it in that context can't help but laugh a little... It's one of the few restrooms I've been in that are worth going out of your way to go. (My "Brother" notes that the Men's room at the Maddonna inn (San Luis Obisbo, CA) with its waterfall urinal gets women visitors just for the photo of the place....) I hope to visit the Kohler "museum" one day, where they've turned bathroom fixtures into an art....

    Yes, it was way too short a visit and meeting. But I'll be down there in the Spring for a long weekend - there's still so much to do in DC and vicinity.... And I'm looking forward to spending some of that time with you and Aeify....


  3. Meg,
    I give thanks that you are willing and able to share your thoughts and adventures with us. It is inspiring.
    Thank you,

  4. I gave a lot of thanks to my wife as it haooens to be our 24th weddingday.

  5. Thanks for sharing with us...your writing talent is something I'm thankful for!



  6. Thank you all! I'm approaching our 1,000th visit together and I'm thankful I've met so many wonderful women (and a few guys, too).

    And congratulations, Corinna! Silver's next. I hope you get something pretty. :D

  7. Meg, you always find the fun comics. :)
    Luv your thoughts on everything...


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