Friday, November 2, 2012

Booby Prize

I have four pairs of silicone breast forms, plus a foam pair.  I found the foam ones pretty quickly, and I've been wearing them mostly all of the time while at the apartment.  I want to get to the point where it's weird to not have at least the shape if not the weight.  And it's nice to catch my reflection or shadow.

I also found my newest pair and put them in the closet on a shelf where I can get them easily.

But I can't find the others.  I don't really need them ~ how many boobs does one girl need?  I mean, unless your a cow or a cat, one pair is sufficient.  But I do want to know they're here and not still in the house!


  1. Meg -

    I hope you find them in the boxes in your apartment. Otherwise, it'll have to be a day where you can visit the old homestead without your wife around. (Why make her upset?)

    Being curious, why do you have 3 other sets? I understand wanting a pair of silicone forms that have a natural weight and feel. But 3 sets makes me a little curious. Different sizes? Different "feels"? (I can see where one set is more comfortable to wear.) I have less experience using forms, and am curious about your experiences....


  2. I am sure that they will turn up. One benefit of being T is that you can jigger with the jugs. I have one nice set of silicon breasts, one gel like set made of a substance similar to the material used to make rubberized fishing lures ( many years ago I communicated with a CD who was also an avid fisherman who made his own lures and the boobs he made from this material are wonderful), two different sized foam falsies and some old hose stuffed with rice. Depending on what I am able to find and what I am wearing, I may choose any of the above.
    The concept of variety being the spice of life is never more appropriate than when dealing with TGs.

  3. Ha ha... i hope you find your other sets soon!
    Hug, Sara

  4. I'm personally afraid to buy breast forms... for a few reasons actually.

    1) Price.
    2) Size

    and the third option is that they'll become pretty much useless when I start HRT... care to recommend a good, moderately priced pair?


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