Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Shopping Season!

If you're still a little shy about building your femme wardrobe in shops, this is your chance.  You have a free ride until Christmas.

This is especially useful if you can't have packages delivered to your house, so on-line shopping is out.

If you like to get lost in the crowds, go after work or on the weekend.  If you prefer a quieter environment, take some time off from work and go in the morning, when the stores open, or after the lunch rush but before whatever time people are getting off from work.  It won't be empty, but it'll be quieter.

And you can buy pretty much anything without fear.  Suppose you see an ad for a full makeup kit at Ulta.  Tear out the ad, walk into the store and find some nice young lady to help you.  "My wife wanted me to pick this up for our daughter.  Can you point me in the right direction?"  A few minutes later, you have a nice kit so you can go home and try new looks.  The same works for a book on makeup, fashion, style.

If you don't have an ad, write it down, or put a note on your phone.  Show it to the saleslady and say "My wife said I'm supposed to get this." or "My girlfriend/wife was drooling over this."  It doesn't matter if it's lingerie from Victoria Secrets or makeup from MAC or a dress from Old Navy.  There is always a woman in your life (hypothetically speaking) you could be shopping for.

Shoes are tricky.  Payless is always good.  You can get the saleslady to join the conspiracy: "can you help me?  I know my wife wants new boots ~ she says hers look ratty ~ and I checked inside and her old ones are size {whatever} and I'd like to try and surprise her with a new pair.  I figure, if they don't fit at least she'll be happy I tried and she can exchange them, right?"  By the way, check the Payless website: you can filter your store search by "has expanded 11-13 women's section."

Jewelry is a piece of cake.  The chatty jeweler is short-circuited because she knows most of the answers ("who's it for?"  "Is it a special occasion?").  You can get something nice for your wife or girlfriend, or something inexpensive for your daughter (pick an age in advance, in case she asks).

Go out, have fun shopping, and don't be nervous.  I used to get anxious shopping for Meg's stuff.  I still do sometimes.  Everyone is buying gifts right now, and even if they're a tad unusual, the saleslady might wonder a bit ~ I mean, guys don't generally buy a dozen panties for their girlfriend ~ but they'll just shake it off as typical ignorant guy.  He'll learn soon enough.

And if anyone has any other suggestions for buying items, spinning yarns, sounding plausible, add it to the comments.  I know there are many readers who want to expand their wardrobes but are uncomfortable doing so.

And the best thing: there's lots of stuff at bargain prices!


  1. Meg -

    Good advice for those in the closet!!!!!

    I wish I had been courageous enough last year to do this. At least now, I go out dressed and buy what I like. (Now, if only I could get more comfortable speaking....)


  2. Perfectly stated. I will add that the crowds actually add to your anonymity when "out" shopping, making this a great time of year for crossdressed shopping expeditions. In an mostly empty mall, we stand out more than we do in a crowd, however intimidating it seems at first. Also, the layered clothing, dresses and skirts, and makeup we all like to wear is more commonly worn by women this time of year. So, we blend better. Don't forget the outlet malls and stores, too - I live close to a Zappos outlet store, and since I take size 14.....

  3. Meg is right...this definitely is "the season."

    In the past, Mandy has had little trouble going into some shops, for looking, trying on, and buying (Payless) or getting help and buying (makeup counters at name brand department stores.) My attire is always fem, but most of the time, not dresses or skirts. See my blogs for pictures.

    In addition, Mandy has had the run of the store at charity shops, where some of the things I've tried on and then purchased still had the manufacturer's tags on them!

    But with the holidays here, anything goes. Now's your chance to get out there and shop till you drop, girls! Other folks will be so focused on getting their own bargains, that a less-than-perfect makeup job or other little "mistakes" in your presentation probably will never be noticed!



  4. Mandy -

    You are a very lucky gal.... Just added your blog to the ones I read.

    BTW - I agree - dresses and skirts are much more comfortable in the summer! In Sacramento, CA, I felt much more comfortable in my one day there this year while wearing a dress than I had the year before in pants....



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