Thursday, November 15, 2012

This Is A Dilemma

One of the meetups I was looking at is a gamers group.  They seem to get together A Lot.  I like games so I've been keeping track of the group.

They're planning an "Explicitly Adult Party Games" meet.

I don't think this is for me, but one thing caught my eye.  They're going to have a "truth or dare" and a "strip poker" game.  They listed both as "PG."

They also listed both as involving an equal number of men and women.  Since the men vastly outnumber the women who signed up, that means they'll pick men at random to play so the numbers stay equal.

So, if Meg joins does she go into the pool to play against the women, or does she add two players to the game (herself and one male)?

I think if that was the first time I showed up, I'd go into the guy side, because there's also a costume contest and they'd read Meg as a costume on a male.  If I showed up for previous events, I think it would be more of a dilemma for everyone involved.


  1. Meg -

    Go as a Guy for the first time, and say that is your costume.... But make sure your male presentation is very off. (Make sure your body looks as female as possible in male clothes - find a fake mustasche, find a cap under which you can put your wig hair, then make it look like you're bald....) Does the movie Victor/Victoria come to mind?

    Good luck.... And have a blast!!!!


  2. Meg- What an interesting concept, and dilemma indeed! Got my mind imagining the possibility. Sara


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