Sunday, November 11, 2012

Speedbump Again!

Before the cartoons, I want to mention that I expect to have a busy day today.  Meg will have breakfast and then do a little of the DC tourist thing with Marian from New York.  Then a quick change and help Aeify and a friend shoehorn her stuff into the apartment.  I am seriously hoping the second bedroom is actually a TARDIS.  Monday, I'm hoping to change in the morning and go with Aeify to drop off her friend at the airport, then into DC to meet with Marian again.  The changing bit is tricky ~ her friend might not be as accepting with Meg as Aeify is.  And it never occurred to me that I have some power to make an uncomfortable civilian less or more comfortable.  If I play it all as a joke, he'll probably feel more comfortable.  If I greet him with a hug and keep invading his space and acting as flirty as I know how, he'll probably freak. :)

Loose Parts, Far Side, Speedbump, Addams... some of the best strips are single panel with no regular set of characters.  Recurring characters perhaps, but not a single group that all of the stories revolve around.

And it's been around nine months since I shared any Speedbump.  As a bonus, one could maybe possibly sorta be T-related.  I mean, I can't sex drawings of turtles ~ can you?  And one hits a little too close to home. :D

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