Friday, November 23, 2012

More on the Swap

After the swap, Aeify and I wanted to go to Payless.  She thought I needed black boots to wear with the dress she suggested for church the other day.  I told her there was one in the mall that was nearby and practically on the way back to the apartment.  I told her that they're planning to redo the mall but they've been planning that for a while and I didn't know when they'd be doing that.
We entered through the JC Penney, since I knew my way in from there.  The Payless was pretty close, but we could browse and walk the mall anyway.

Aeify looked at some skirts and dresses (well, I did too but she took the lead) and we walked to the little Sephora booth in the store.  I knew the mall entrance was near the Sephora stuff but I figured I must've been wrong ~ there was no entrance there.  Eventually, I went over to a cashier and asked where the mall entrance was.  She said the mall was closed, except for the anchor stores.  Yeah, I could see where I thought the entrance was, there was a new temporary-looking wall instead.

Outside daVinci Nails at the mall
I was scheduled to bring my son to Sunday school so we headed back to the apartment where I sadly removed my makeup (and nail polish) and went about our day.


  1. You are so fortunate to have Aeify to guide you! And I certainly hope that I eventually can look even half as beautiful as you! (But that's doubtful, for this size 20 girl...)

    Yes, yes, yes...I LOVE your skirt and top, hon!



  2. You rock the boots and mini! Keep that in your rotation. Great look for fall and winter.

  3. The boots are really nice, and the skirt is not too short, you look very nice, and very comfortable with yourself

  4. Have to tell you how great you look in these photos--love the boots!

  5. I don't know how to say how good you look! All the clothes (love you choices), hair and smile! :)

  6. I agree that everything works together. You look marvelous.


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