Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Counting Productive

First, please check my post from Monday where I explain the poll.  After being about even, it seems the "no's" are way in the lead.  I've been checking as often as I can ~ Dani pointed out the the poll widget keeps zeroing out.

Those shoe racks
Sunday night, sort of as a break from the hard work, I decided to do something more mindless.  I went into my closet.  My goal: get all of my hanging clothing on one side, and separate out dresses, skirts, and tops.

When I bought the shoe racks last week, I saw hangers that had clips for four skirts.  I bought two, to augment the skirt hangers I had at home.  I had a box of skirts, so I knew I had more than I could hang.

I doubled up.  I put two skirts on each of those four clips.  I put two skirts on each of my skirt hangers.  I shifted dresses to the back of the closet and tops to the middle and skirts to the front.

I think I need a bigger closet
And while I was moving, I counted.  I may be off by one or three, and I also have two HUGE bags of clothes for the swap later this month.  But here's what's left:

dresses: 49
skirts: 46

and six suits (why oh why?  I've only ever worn one or two of them!) and one gown (which I've never worn out, but I understand the attraction.  If you've never worn one, wear one).

And they all fit on one side of the closet.  It's pretty amazing, considering my (many fewer) male clothes take up more space.


  1. The poll widget now appears to be fixed. I'm going to go back to my own polling today.

  2. Meg -

    You have a bigger wardrobe than I do, based on your inventory.... But I'm catching up.


  3. Meg -

    OK - One Gown....
    What promped that purchase?

    Over here, when a friend's aunt died, I "inherited" the gown, as we were the same size. Now to find an occasion to wear it....


  4. Your photo's and story remind me how years ago I moved into a house, and the clothes were still on hangers. So I just loaded up the rod and shelves. Sometime later there was a wump!, as the rod and shelve gave up! I found out, too many, too late!

  5. Bear in mind I only started dressing again five years ago, but in that time, I have managed to accumulate:

    38 dresses (including one gown)
    4 suits
    57 tops (blouses, t-shirts, sweaters)
    50 skirts
    4 two-piece ensemble (including one for formal attire)
    4 pairs of women's pants (including jeans)
    37 pairs of shoes (including one pair of flats and one pair of bedroom slippers)

    And that doesn't count about a dozen items I've given away to Goodwill as not suitable any longer.


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