Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No Business Like Shoe Business*

Please take a peek at yesterday's post and answer the poll to the right.  It seems to be quite evenly matched.

While organising my closet, I wondered what to do with my shoes.  I have a walk-in closet with a shelf above the rod and I started putting my shoes on the shelf on one side.  They filled the shelf.  I put some back in shoeboxes and put shoes on top of the shoe boxes.  That worked, but I didn't like the look.

After a little research, I found a variety of different shoe racks.  I bought two at Bed Bath and Beyond.  They are horrid, but they do the job.  Assembly is tool free but terrible and they feel like they're made of balsa.  But the price was right ($12 each) and I can fit 9 pair on each ~ three across, three up.

It turns out that's not quite enough space for my shoes.  The shoe racks stack, and they come with balsa pegs to separate the racks.  Stacking on the shelf wouldn't work, but I had a thought: if I put the peg (about 3 inches high) below the rack, I could elevate it enough to put a pair below the rack.  Now I could fit two dozen shoes on the two racks.

And that's enough.  Until I go shopping again. :)

* I was going to call this post "Everything's Coming Up Roses," but that made even less sense.


  1. I only have six pair while my wife has like 24! I am super jelly of you!

    ps, I hope you don't mind that I linked your blog from mine.

  2. Check out The Container Store on Route 7 just west of Tysons Corner. They sell clear plastic shoe boxes with snap on lids, singly or in cartons of 20 boxes/lids. These stack well, and are also very good for storing other stuff. less than $2 per. Also sold in a larger mens-shoe size, but more expensive.


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