Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Simple Pleasures

I can use my trashcan!

Before, although Meg was tolerated, I was careful to avoid anything "in your face" around the house.  Partly, it was because I didn't want the boys wondering why there was makeup in my bathroom trashcan, but partly it was respect for my wife's feelings.  The kids wouldn't care if there was a clothing tag in my trash (their job was to empty the garbage) but I don't need a sign that says to my wife hey!  I bought another dress! so I would put things that should go into the trash into a bag and toss them in the kitchen trash, or put them back in the closet until I had a couple of days free, or could put them directly into the trash that will go outside.

But now I have a trash can that I can actually use freely.  I know it sounds dumb, but it's a simple pleasure.

Clothing tags and receipts can go out immediately.

Makeup-covered q-tips, pads, cotton balls, tissues can just go in the trash ~ no gathering them up and shoving them deep into the kitchen garbage.

Empty makeup containers go OUT.  In the past, if I found, say, a lipstick I bought and hated, it went back in the closet with an immediately forgotten "I'll remember I hated the L'Oreal #146 lipstick and never use it again."

I don't have to go into my wife's bathroom to sharpen my eye liner or lip liner pencils.  The shavings can sit where they fall.

There are more simple pleasures.  I think Wednesday will be "simple pleasure day," at least for a while.

They all have one thing in common: each is incredibly liberating.


  1. Meg -

    It is certainly liberating - especially when you can leave your "girl stuff" out in the open, knowing that no one would be disturbed seeing it where you left it.... (I only make sure things are put away fully the night before my cleaning lady comes - as the has a nasty habit of putting things where I don't expect to find them.) And I'll bet that your roommate has no issues with your stuff....


  2. Meg, you're so right with this one. Just before reading your posting I had emptied my own bathroom trash and hadn't realized how free I am to just throw things away. Not surprisingly, your list of items is identical to mine.

    Before I lost my wife, I had to hide the trash (was almost outted once by some stray makeup removal wipes.)

    May you continue to discover the simple pleasures.


  3. While not rising to the level of the Creator endowed unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, the 'freedom of the trash can' is very important to us closeted CDs.

    My wife is probably correct with her position that I have too many girl clothes, shoes, makeup, etc. When I do make a purchase I really try to not rub it in so the disposal of the wrapping, shipping, plastic, invoices, shoe boxes, receipts, etc. is not a casual exercise. I have often brought this trash to work or dumped it in the bin at the local store. When pantyhose wear out I tend to try to shove them to the bottom of the trash compactor. Last week I had to toss an old lipstick and some other used makeup and found myself hiding the stuff in other garbage.

    I bought my own pencil sharpener with an attached shavings container since my colors are bolder than hers (reds for my lips and black for my eyes rather than peaches and corals for her lips and brown for her eyes). When I do sharpen my pencils I make sure to flush the shavings.

    I totally understand the extra ability to exhale that comes with your gaining the 'freedom of the trashcan'.


  4. Sometimes the simple pleasures are best! Enjoy your newfound freedoms!



  5. It's been a long time, probably about 15 years, since I had to worry about someone finding runned pantyhose, pricetags, and used up makeup in the trash, but I still remember the danger inherent in those days well. These small freedoms are so special.

  6. Ha ha!! :) How true...wish I could use my trash can more freely!
    Sooo rings true


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