Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Clothing Swap!

There was another clothing swap on Sunday.  It was the fourth or fifth I attended as Meg, and the second I attended with Aeify.  She was nice enough to do my nails the day before (after we figured out that I didn't have to go anywhere) and to help with my makeup.  I need to be careful: if I depend on her skills too much I'll forget how to do it myself!  She also convinced me that I could wear a skirt that was both one of my favourites and one I always thought was too short to wear out of the apartment.  She also recommended I wear my boots, also never worn outside.  They were pretty comfortable and I was happy with the choice.

Yes, it was a zoo.  But great to be with all those women!
We packed our Big Bag O' Clothes into the car and stopped at the local Safeway to pick up a hundred or so water bottles for the swap.  When we got there, the place was *packed* and, even though it wasn't quite one o'clock yet, the other women were attacking the tables and racks with vigour. (By the way, I held back on a few choice items because at the Transgender Day of Remembrance event they ask that you bring an article of clothing or some canned goods.  I brought a skirt, a nightgown, and a couple of dresses.)

I first spent some time taking pictures, chatting with Kim (the hostess), and chatting with some other women.  I felt free and safe to make random comments to start conversations ~ commenting on something someone picked up, or on the crowd, or how I loved what she was wearing.  One woman said she liked the swap because she never went to the "running of the brides" ~ Filene's Basement would stock their store with just bridal gowns, bridesmaids gowns, mother-of-the-bride dresses and so on.  They were marked way down and hordes of women would charge in at opening to find that perfect dress and just the right accessories.  I mentioned to her that she missed her chance: Filene's had closed a few months earlier.

At the shoe table, I was talking to one woman about a very pretty pair of pink pumps with artwork on the toe area.  While we were trying to discern the size (alas, her size, not mine) another woman picked up the mate.  The second woman never put the shoe down, and the woman I was talking to was equally determined.  I checked the table several times to see if one magically appeared.  I was planning on grabbing it and offering it to whoever had the mate.  I never saw the shoe appear, and the woman I was talking to vanished.  I hope she got the pair.  I'm not playing favourites ~ I just know she picked it up first and thought that should count for something.  I engaged the other woman and told her that I was talking to someone who picked up the shoe and was trying it on when the mate vanished, but she didn't take the hint and I didn't pursue further.

I also saw a woman pulling up a plaid miniskirt that I had donated two or three swaps ago.  I guess someone took it home, decided it wasn't quite what she wanted (or perhaps it didn't fit) and she brought it back to a swap.  I told her that that used to be mine and my conjecture about how it got to be hers.  She was in her 20s and she had a HUGE box of clothes.  She said she was planning outfits as she was picking up clothes and said "I can totally rock that skirt!"  I looked sad and said "I can't."  She laughed.

And I had a chance to speak to Steffi a bit.  She was nice enough to observe that I had lost weight.  I wish I had, but in reality, I was wearing a new padded panty (more later) and I think the bigger hips and butt made my waist look a bit smaller!

I picked up a tote that might work for my work bag.  Aeify picked up a dress that she wore for the rest of the day.  I think for me, right now, the swap is more for getting out and getting rid of clothes than finding new things, although that's definitely a bonus.


  1. I've long believed that padding the hips and bum makes my waist look smaller. I'm glad that you've found the same. :)

  2. So why no photos of Meg in her mini skirt and boots?

  3. Meg -

    May you and yours have a very happy holiday!!!


  4. Nice, Meg!
    I remember being intimidated by all those women at one! :)

  5. Looks like a lot of fun, I'll have to find something like this in my locality.

    Have a good holiday.


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