Monday, October 1, 2012

Thank You Sharon!

I may go to a Halloween party this year.  It will be with a bunch of people I do not know, but it's a meetup group I may hang with if they seem interesting to me.  They might be somewhat younger than me which would be uninteresting to me.  I will only be going as Meg.

I was looking at a website for a possible costume.  Since I'd be in girl mode, just going in office girl drag wouldn't be right.  It's not a political group, so a Christine O'Donnell or Sarah Palin (or Hillary Clinton) would be off-target.  I was looking for something not in the "sexy" category (sexy witch/nurse/vampire/etc).  I considered stewardess, but I don't think that would mesh with this group.  A Dr Who or Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica character would be OK, but I didn't think I would do any of the few women in the first two justice.  I thought a Renaissance costume might be OK, or something like that ~ old west or southern belle maybe, but I think there'd be more RenFest people there.

Renaissance women would cost from $60 to $150!  Yikes!  I may get to wear it again at a festival, or with a different group at a different Halloween, but for a couple of times wear I would have a hard time justifying that much money.

Then my friend Sharon sent me an e-mail.  She was at Unique Thrift and they had a Halloween section and costumes were cheaper than the party stores.  I've been to Unique a few times (note: they are a chain ~ check the website for locations).

So Sunday afternoon I zipped down there and looked around.  I picked up a Renaissance gown ("one size fits most," $20) and I purchased a long straight wig (I wanted black, but I'll go with the reddish-brown) to go with the costume for $7.  I looked around at clothes quickly; I didn't see any dresses I liked, I skipped by the skirts and shoes and most of the tops, but I looked at blouses and picked up two "men's style" shirts for a total of $9.

I'll be trying them on before the end of the week.  If they don't fit, they'll get re-donated, probably to Unique.  And if the wig is not my style, well, there's always Freecycle.  Someone's doing Halloween and in need of a long straight wig with bangs.


  1. Meg - I wish I had a party to go to up here.... It'd be fun to do something like a German lady in a dirndl.

  2. 2 years ago i looked and looked for a large size (size 16) blue gown to be cinderella sadly i didn't find one and the rental places only had small at 100.00 rentals agghh!
    last year i looked all over for a red polka dot dress for minni mouse also no luck and this year i am out of ideas. LOL


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