Friday, October 12, 2012

Today Is Moving Day

Not quite everything's packed, but I'm taking the day off (probably) and the movers will be here in an hour or two (maybe) and I'll spend the day unpacking (unlikely) or looking for furniture (have to) or buying groceries (or starve).

Happy traditional Canadian Thanksgiving, and traditional Columbus Day, and I forgot to mention yesterday was 10/11/12.  And tomorrow There Will Be A Cartoon and Friday the 13th will fall on a Saturday this month.

Can anyone tell I'm very very tired?  Fortunately, I had my first houseguest at my new apartment.  His name is Mr Coffee.  Yay!

And I have an interesting roommate possibility.  Stay tuned.


  1. oooooo..... Can't wait for "the rest of the story"!!!
    Hugs and have a happy moving day ;)

  2. As I find it hard to comment on your moving for personal reasons. I’d rather notice the difference between US and EU ways of dating ☺ To us 10-11-12 is still a day to come. So it seems you are ahead again.
    Love to you, Corinna

  3. Meg, good luck with your move. And thanks for the Pogo reference. Every so often, I mention that Friday the 13th is on a Tuesday this month (or whatever) and I get the funniest looks.


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