Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yes, I'm An Idiot

After work yesterday, I did some furniture shopping.  As I usually do after work, I take off my gloss and replace it with lipstick and clear (glossier) gloss.  I've been doing this if I'm going anywhere but straight home.  At the house, I removed it before getting home.  Now, I leave it on.  I thought it was a tad glossier than usual today, but deemed it OK.

I arrived at my apartment to find a note: I had a package (a gift from a girlfriend!).  So I went downstairs to the office to pick it up.

So far, I have only seen two people in the office: the manager and a saleswoman.  Today, there was someone different looking through a file cabinet, her back to me.  The saleswoman is a blonde; she had dark hair.

When she turned around, she seemed surprised to see me.  I do have a habit of sneaking up on people and if they say something about being surprised I generally say "it's this face.  It scares everyone" but she just said "oh.  Hi."  I said "I think you have a package for me."  She asked if I had a slip.  Yes, several, in different colours and lengths.  I don't have any with me though.

Instead I said "I generally don't wear a slip."  She laughed and emphasised it with "I liked your joke" which I thought was odd.  She asked for my name and apartment and I told her.  As she was filling out the book so I could sign I said "and if I was wearing a slip I wouldn't show you."  There's a thin line between jokes and lies, isn't there?

Two takeaways: she was very familiar to me.  I can't imagine where I would have known her from.  She had what I would call a "nervous demeanour," and maybe it's just a type that I recognised and not a person.  She said she was just "helping out" so I probably won't see her again.

Also, did I mention I was doing the "slip" jokes while I thought I was wearing too much lip colour and gloss?  I don't think anyone sees what they don't expect.  I think I could wear my forms and not be noticed because, well, guys don't have breasts so I didn't see them.  I'm not going to do that experiment, by the way.

And one aside: I took a little break at work and wrote three posts, to cover the rest of the week.  And I left the file at work.  I can't easily move files from or to my work computer.  I have to use e-mail and I'm apparently not in the habit of mailing myself any notes and such at the end of the day.  Oh well.

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