Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Business Opportunity

Women, according to the article, change their shoes more often than they change their minds.

I can understand ~ matching the right shoes to the right outfit is important.

Yet, the same woman who wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same shoes every day wears the same glasses every day.

Covers for the frames in different colours/styles?  Maybe transparent frames and covers just on the back side.  Easily replaceable frames?  Mostly invisible frames, close to the face that you wear under the frames of your choice?  There has to be a solution.  I'm betting there will be a market.


  1. Meg -

    That's because glasses (usually, the frames and not the lenses) are overpriced. However, there are a few firms such as


    whose goal is to break the stranglehold that the price gouging firms have on selling glasses.


  2. With today technology you're so right. rubber slide-on arm covers (different colors) could even have shape on the ends. like a shell, emblem, or insignia type decoration! Hey make bangles in every color, and pins and sticks for watches and shoes! Why not indeed!

  3. Or you could go to contacts and let those baby (insert your favorite color) shine!


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