Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Am Looking Forward to Today

In the couple of weeks I've been in the apartment, I've had good days, I've had bad days, I've had good days with bad parts.  I haven't had a bad day with good parts.

I've done a lot of thinking, I've done some reviewing of notes I've written over the past nine or so months, when I started looking at my life and seeing what was wrong.

I've done some crying, which is something I do so rarely that it was one of my wife's complaints ~ she said "I've never seen you cry."  I thought that was a bizarre complaint, but many of her criticisms were, I thought, bizarre.  That's all I'll say on that.

I've also done a lot of physical work.  I really did move suddenly.  I think I kept the idea in the back of my mind that I'd never take this step, and, to that end, I never took the smart intermediate steps of culling my junk.  I'm a bit of a packrat.  OK, I'm a lot of a packrat.  I'm not going to appear on hoarders ~ I've had clients who Need Professional Help: either an organiser or an arsonist.  Seriously.  That's not me, but I have a hard time throwing things away.  I'm going to re-read that book, I swear, or maybe the kids (who's taste is 180 degrees away from mine) will.  I'm going to sort those 1000 photos.  I'm going to need the shelf of range extenders/print servers/motherboards someday.  Honest.  I need that souvenir of Oktoberfest that I haven't looked at in 20+ years and don't even have a place to put it.  Same for those magazines (and I have a special place in my heart for that one from the month I was born).

So I've been moving things and tossing things and keeping things I know I should toss.  But I'll toss them.  My original goal was to toss a pile as large as the one I kept but then I ran into things like boxes of video and audio tapes.  I want to watch some of the videos and play most of the audios before I toss them, so they'll go but not right away.  And so on.  I am affirming "I am no longer a packrat.  I do not need anything that I can't wear or eat."  And I want that to be my baseline.  It's not, but it's a goal.

But that's not what I wanted to write about today.

I am looking forward to today.  My bedroom furniture arrives. 

I have various boxes in the bedroom, small boxes labelled "socks," "panties," "bras" and so on.  After the furniture guys leave, they'll all live in their own drawers.

I feel like I've taken a real step out of the closet and into the world.

I chose the set mostly because of the price and, well, the price.  It was available in dark wood and this washed finish.  I went with the washed, just to get something different than I've had in the past.  The first comment I received when it was shown was "Wow, that's Feminine!"  (Was she right?  I really didn't notice.)  I hadn't considered that, but it's a huge plus.  And a small minus.  Civilians (including my kids) will visit.  And if they comment on the feminine look, I'll explain why I bought it: price.

Anyway, I expect to be busy and happy tonight.  Too bad my mattress won't be here for another week.


  1. Yes,in the photo it does look feminine, but of course that can change by what colour bedclothes you use your choice of lights and rugs etc.

  2. Actually putting Meg's clothing in their own drawers...lucky you! I've never thought about it. WOW! The very idea of checking or wearing a dress before work.. leaving on the bed without a care of someone finding it....WOW! The idea sounds...wonderful!!! I am soooo!!! jealous!!! hugs smiles love karen

  3. Many males like to have "feminine" bedrooms. They have a warmth and comfort to the soul that you don't get in a "masculine" bedroom. Most men like to "nest", too, and a "feminine" bedroom allows them to "nest".

  4. beautiful bedroom set in fact i thought it was just an picture ad until i read the log entry.
    i wish you much luck in your new apartment!

  5. Congrats, hon! (oops, guess you already have plenty of boxes!)
    Hoping you're enjoying your new furniture... and no more crying!
    Hug, Sara


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