Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Night When I Walked Into My Bathroom, I Stepped In a Big Pile Of...

Shaving Cream!  Be Nice and Clean!  Shave every day and you'll always be keen.

Does anyone remember Benny Bell?

I generally shave my face every second day.  I don't look perfect on day two, but I look OK.  If I have a meeting, or have to spend time with a customer I change the pattern and shave.

Last week, I didn't shave Thursday.  I took off Friday to move so I skipped shaving.  I skipped Saturday and Sunday as well.

Sunday night, I wanted to take care of my upper body as best I could.  That meant face, neck, shoulders, back of neck, arms, underarms, chest.  I use a combination of my electric and hand razors.  And I left the cord to my electric at the house.

Not a problem.  I had an extra blade or two and several cans of shaving gel that I picked up at various times.  Some were women's gel, some were men's gels.

Sometimes, I use them, sometimes I don't.

Sometimes, I think they are a good and useful product.  Sometimes, I think they merely mark where you've shaved so you don't miss a spot.

I decided to start by using up any men's product.  I wet my left arm and shoulder, chose a can, shook it, and applied the gel to said arm, where it foamed into a nice soapy covering.  I shaved and started to repeat the process on my right arm and shoulder.  I shook the can and pushed the button and the can proceeded to hissssss and a jet of gel came out of the BOTTOM of the can.

The can was small and maybe half full, but it proceeded to hiss and sputter and spit for a long time.  I put water in the sink and the can in the water, to keep soap from covering the room.

I had noticed the little rubber stopper in the bottom of the can but I can't recall shaving gel ever doing this before!

When it stopped hissing I put the cover back on and put it down on the sink vanity unside down.  The result is what you see here.  This was taken three days later, and then it was tossed in the trash.

I did grab another can and finish what I started.  Shaving and a show!  This was a new experience and one I hope I don't repeat.

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  1. Hi Meg! I must say you look lovely in your photo, very clean shaven. No one wants to deal with messy shaving cream, IMHO, at least I don't. Have you tried waxing? I realize it's not an everyday solution, but it does last a good long time......


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