Sunday, September 30, 2012

He Said What?

Variation on a theme.  Instead of just a cartoon, I was remembering an event from a couple of years ago.  My oldest kid (16 or so) was in the throes of a "teenage angst" day, when everything was wrong, the universe hated him, etc, because we were making him go somewhere he did not wish to go.  My wife and his younger brother were with him.

He had too much to do, the weather (beautiful day) sucked, his clothes were uncomfortable....  You parents of teenagers (or if you've ever been one yourself) know what I mean.

I decided that, since we were early, we should take a walk.  I knew a little path that led to a little hidden park.  I thought he'd enjoy the diversion and we'd enjoy the diversion from him.

He complained about the dirt path, about the overgrown bushes on either side, about logs fallen across the path and roots making for an uneven walk.  Then he noticed the name of the park: "What kind of name is that for a park?  Longfellow-Haycock park?  [the schools and streets on either end of the stretch of green]  The name's too long.  They should call it 'Hayfellow' or 'Long...'..."  He stopped we all laughed and the mood was broken.

OK, gotta have a Sunday funny after all.  If you thought "Peanuts" reruns are old, here's an old Mutt and Jeff.  Click to make it readable:

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