Saturday, October 27, 2012

Interpreting Signs

Pickings have been slim lately.  I have plenty of older comics, but until I organise everything I can't be sure I'm not posting a cartoon I've already posted.

These are recent and "cd-ish."  The lack of good CD comics could mean that trans-people are no longer considered funny.  We're just people.  Or it could mean we're completely off the radar of the funny folk and not even worth thinking about, even as humour targets.  Like any good sign, it can be interpreted to mean anything you want it to.

So there's this Herb and Jamaal, the last strip I'd ever expect to see actual crossdressing in, which means it would be funnier because it's less expected.  When someone is telling a joke, the audience is trying to come up with the punchline.  It's automatic.  The best punchlines are the ones that are so unexpected the reader/listener is thinking "ha!  I know something funny she could write/say" and the next line is quite different.  (Hey, I've studied this stuff!):

Working It Out, below, is a horrid strip.  I'm just too lazy to pull it from my daily comics page so I read it.  The jokes are mostly visual puns and the jokes are not much better than when the Family Circus does a "Jeffy did this week's strips" strip.  That's not true.  I think they're not better than....

This joke stinks too, but it puts a man and purse in a work environment, and I'm actively looking to emulate.  And it looks more like a courier bag.  I'm really looking for a tote.

And the Meaning of Lila is one of my favourite strips.  I've presented Lila several times in the past and I'm sure I will again.  Here she's just trying to be nice to Yet Another Friend who's her age and getting married.  Lila is still single.

Boyd, her friend, is trying to coach her in being properly congratulatory.

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