Sunday, October 7, 2012

Comics and Housekeeping

First the housekeeping....
* check out the comments on my "Fashion" post from a few days ago.  I have well-educated readers.  Lorraine pointed out that there are more "women's clothing for men" being featured, but I've seen this before and it's never caught on.  I agree with Dani that more casual office attire is the norm in some fields (mine, for instance) but jeans are over a century old western wear, and polo or golf shirts are cotton versions of linen shirts from colonial times ~ buttons instead of ties, but basically the same.  And I don't have any specific comments, but HI! Pat and thanks for the insights!

* I may be light on posting for the next week or so.  I will be moving and shopping to set up my apartment.  My computer may sit idle while I'm moving.  I don't think the pain of moving is going to be of interest to my readers so I'll stick to t-topics (and I have some and I expect to be getting out a bit this fall).  If I'm wrong and you gals want to hear about moving topics, I'll blab about that too.

* Hi Lauren!  Lauren is a new reader and just a couple of days ago, she went from being "Anonymous" and not having a femme name to Lauren.  I think she chose a name because I threatened to call her "Ann" for short. :)

And now....  A little more Loose Parts!


  1. Meg,
    I am obviously speaking only for myself but if blogging about your feelings about moving help, then please share. You give us your good stories and in return we should be there for you.

  2. You are a comlete persone and we are nterested in every aspect of you, If you choose to keep some parts fo your life seperate from the blog ok but we still care about you, all of you and every aspec of you. I know this is a tough time and I feel for you, because you have shared so much. Don't stop sharing because you think we may not be interested. Those care wil be interested, and hose who dont't can .......... well I'm sure you get the idea.


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