Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Matter of Timing

Meg will not be answering the door, frightening moms and kids alike.  The problem is, I can't get out of work until 3 at the earliest.  By the time "Meg" would be ready, it would be around 5, and most of the younger children would probably have knocked on the door while I was unable to answer.  It's more important (and fun) to me to hand candy and see what the kids are wearing than to be Meg on one particular night.

update: I wrote that about five days ago.  Since then, management has handed around a note strongly suggesting that the kids come to the building Halloween party tonight instead of knocking on doors tomorrow.  I think that is dumb, but I'm not in charge here.  I will suggest that, if, as they say, "many residents do not want people knocking on their doors," they could hand out a little door sticker ~ a pumpkin or black cat or witch or something ~ that people could put on their door to say "I have candy!"  That would also allow residents to shut down when they ran out: just remove the sticker.

further: blogspot decided this was a draft and didn't post it today.  I'm sorry if everyone thought I was lost in a sea of darkness.

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  1. the new blogger interface is not good (not what I first typed, but this is a family show.....)


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