Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You Will Be Assimilated

Before I moved, I added a Washington Post subscription for my new apartment.  I did it under the name of "Meg Winters."

That's not really risky.  The bill will come electronically to Meg's yahoo account, and the paper just gets dropped at the door.  If the carrier has a name, they don't have any other information to go with it.  By the way, I pick up my newspaper before getting dressed, which means I open the door in my nightie.

But I also decided to add this address to my Amazon account.  Amazon lets you use a different credit card and name so it is now listed as "Meg Winters."

That means now I'll get packages and mail addressed to "Meg Winters."  I know the postal person won't know, but packages go to the office.  The people there know me already (I am a pain).  I'll be picking up packages for Meg.

I'm not sure what I'll say, but NO STORIES.  Maybe they'll figure the guy who wears lipstick and gloss is Meg sometimes.  Maybe not.

I don't plan to hide from the neighbors.  I'm not going to introduce myself with "hi.  If you see a woman come out of my apartment, it's probably me," but I won't hide.  I won't listen at the door before going out to make sure no-one is there, or sneak past the office folk when coming in.  And if Meg opens my mailbox and sees a "you have a package" slip, she'll go into the office and get it.

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  1. Hi Meg. I also use my femme name some of my on-line shopping. I ordered some clothing from a company in Great Britain and they sent is through the mail, with a signature required in person. My work schedule was not compatible with the USPS delivery schedules, so my only option was to pick it up at the Post Office ---- and they require ID when you sign. Fortunately, I was able to sign in guy mode since my ID's address matched the delivery address. Don't know what I'd do if it came with a requirement for signature by addressee only. Moral - plan ahead for these things.



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