Monday, October 15, 2012

Taking Advantage

As I mentioned, I moved into my own apartment Friday.  My back aches and my arms ache ~ even though movers did all of the large stuff.  I still moved more than I did during my summer sabbatical.  Right now I have too much stuff for too little apartment.  And I'm still not sure how I feel about all of this.  I think I've been too busy to think about anything, and then I collapse.

So far, I have worn no men's clothing since I moved.  I've worn men's-ish clothes, but no actual clothes from the men's department.  I have a few shirts so I can maybe keep this up all week at work.

Friday night I stayed at my house and I left with one of my last batches of stuff Saturday morning.

Friday and Saturday, I was in serious unpack and clean mode and kept to (girl's) jeans and (girl's) tops, but passable stuff.  Saturday night, my first in the apartment, I wore a nightie.  Sunday morning, I pulled a turtleneck out of the closet (I have a couple) and a long skirt and I wore those for most of the day.  It was cold overnight and I was cold until about noon.  At noon I shucked the shirt for a cami.  Shortly before dinner, I put on street clothes and bought a couple of grocery items and some Nair, and when I came back in I switched back to the cami and a knee length black-and-white skirt.  Last night, I wore a different nightie ~ I'm not picking and choosing right now; as long as it's soft and light I'll wear it!

I'm getting girlier house slippers tomorrow.

I'm not ready to go out yet.  I've been concentrating on getting the place in order and without a bedroom set it's hard to organise all of my Meg clothing.  I did spend a lot of time before bed getting rid of body hair though.  Step one.

Oh....  I'm pretty sure I broke the middle toe on my right foot Saturday night.  I hope this doesn't keep me from going OUT in the next week or two!


  1. You've pretty much lost your wife, and your house, and still it's all about The Clothes to you?

    Don't you think it's time you really started thinking about where this is going, instead?

  2. So have you met the neighbours yet? will you be happy for them to meet Meg? Moving is very traumatic on the best of occassions and I don't suppose that this is one of those, so tread carefully and steady girl!

  3. walmart carriers a line of steel toed slippers I'd check there :-) smiles hugs /karen


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