Thursday, September 13, 2012

More On Lips

This is not a thorough research project, but I've noted some advantages of the different lip coverings I've been playing with:

nothing: easy, but not very femme nor protective of your lips, especially if it's the air is dry, or it's excessively sunny outside
balm alone: easy, you can put it on anywhere (as long as you don't use a brush, I guess) but not very femme
clear/your colour gloss alone: in my experience, it kind of seeps into your lips and isn't as shiny as it could be.  But your lips feel nice and silky.  The amount of gloss varies widely ~ you'll have to give yourself a critical look (if you're in the "care" zone)
your colour gloss over balm: shinier, probably more protection, ranks higher on the femme-o-meter
clear gloss over balm: even shinier than your colour, generally
lipstick: looks good.  It smooths out your lips but it has no real shine by itself
gloss over lipstick: it's shiny, it looks good.  The femme-o-meter pegs at a 10, but it can be very noticeable.  If that bothers you, avoid!

I'm writing this during a work break.  Someone from IT just came by and said they'd have to do a "makeup day" to set up a new laptop for me.  I said "I don't usually wear makeup, but that's fine."  She called out to her assistant "he needs a makeup day but he says he doesn't wear makeup" and she turned back to me and said "how about a reschedule day?"  I said "I'll go with the makeup if it'll get me a computer."  She laughed.

I was wearing apricot gloss over lip balm at the time.

Well, of course, there are disadvantages too:
your lip colour gloss: may come off on glasses, napkins.  Some do, some don't
high gloss: noticeable.  Both of these might not be disadvantages; how much do you care?
lipstick: you need to be careful putting it on.  Gloss can go "outside the lines" and you can wipe away a bit with a finger or fingernail.  Lipstick won't wipe as easily and if it is your lip colour it is NOT your face colour.  I often put on my gloss in the men's room.  If someone comes in, I'm done.  I put it away and rub my lips together to spread the gloss, if needed.  If I mess up my lipstick and someone comes in, I have to clean up, maybe blot, and that's kind of obvious.  So where are you on the care/don't care scale?  Lipstick will ALWAYS come off on a glass rim, or a napkin, or a straw, or a boy or girlfriend,  or whatever else touches your lips.  Again, do you care?

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  1. I usually wear clear, shiny lip balm (Kiss My face treat mint), or Berts Bees color sticks.

    I somewhat care about people noticing, but don't care about the effects on glasses and other things.

    Sounds like you're prepping the next poll!


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