Monday, September 17, 2012


I admit it ~ I'm a Dr Who fan.  If I missed any episodes going back to 1963 and the boringly preachy William Hartnell, it wasn't intentional.  Fortunately, I wasn't introduced to the first doctor first, or I might have just shut it down and never returned.  I think I first found Who during the Tom Baker years.


Saturday night, I sat down and watched the only show that I like to sit down and enjoy at the first possible moment.  Other shows, I tape (yes, I still tape).  And there are not many.  I'm no longer much of a television fan.  My involvement with tv (or cd for that matter) has to do with entertainment, but not what civilians would think.

I mentioned Who once before, when they uttered a t-kinda line.  Here's another from the latest episode.

The setup:The Doctor and his companions are in an old west town.  The Doctor wants to scoot out of the town to get his TARDIS and a cyborg gunfighter is preventing all from leaving.  The Doctor decides to ride out.  The dialogue is close but not perfect.

Doctor: I need to borrow this horse.  It's official marshal business
Minister: his name is Joshua.  It's from the bible.  It means 'deliverer'
Doctor: no it's not
Minister: (looks puzzled)
Doctor: I speak horse.  his name is Susan and he'd like you to respect his life choices.


  1. I am a huge Who fan as well...going back to the 1970s. In male mode, I was once the chief Who correspondent for Starlog magazine, and interviewed all the surviving Doctors through Colin Baker for them.

    I missed Saturday's episode (I'm directing a play right now), so I have to catch it on line later this week.

  2. Arghhh you stole my post! ~ did you notice Karen Gillan's nails? and "my" Doctor was Patrick Troughton but then I was there from the very start

  3. Would you like a jelly baby?

    I started watching during the Tom Baker years too, and continue to be a big fan... and that little reference regarding the horse jumped out at me too... LOL.


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