Monday, September 24, 2012

Perfect Dressing Opportunity

Blondie will be at the State Theatre in Falls Church (right around the corner from my house) on October 1.  I can see me dressed in '80s party girl drag, enjoying the show.  Alas, I can't see me getting out that night.

It never occurred to me to look at the local music venues as a place to go out dressed.  I think someone like Blondie or the Go-Go's (if they're still touring) would be perfect for dressing up and not looking out of place.  I'll start looking, going forward.

I love overdressing, but don't like to be the best dressed in the place.  I wear a dress to the mall, standing out in a sea of jeans and shorts, but if I was told "you can dress, but no skirts" I'd probably pass.  Someday, I'll get to the point where I can wear the women's clothing I wear as a guy, with Meg's padding, makeup, and wig but not yet.  Maybe if I got out more regularly....

But not yet.


  1. I used to go to a local small theater occassionally, this was an oportunity to overdress, and not worry about it, and I loved some of the plays. I did get worried one night at a band rehearsal talking about the last play Paula had seen when one of the band members said "I was in that", fortunaely he had not looked too hard at the audience or he might have noticed the large lady in the LBD

  2. I used to go out to a local music club (which is no more, unfortunately) and had some great times. Went so often that they asked if I'd like a membership! I was a little leary, but they didn't ask for my ID and had no problem issuing it in my femme name. (I don't know if they realized or not, but I was always treated very well there!)

  3. Meg,
    You are not alone in wearing a skirt or dress to the mall.
    Many of us if we go to the effort of dressing want to at least wear a dress or skirt and heels. I do not have girl slacks.


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